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Deciding whether you need a LMS - and choosing the right LMS - can be a daunting task. We're here to help. Based on our vast experience in the industry, we'd like to provide this as a resource. If you have other questions, simply contact us and we'll answer your questions!


What are Learning Management Systems?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are one of the three components used to deliver and manage your company's learning programs; Learning Management Systems, Content Authoring Systems (LMCS) and content or courseware libraries. Learning Management Systems track, coordinate, quantify and otherwise manage all training, education and certification for a diverse array of learning and e-learning requirements. Whether your requirements are focused on continuing education, human capital development, e-learning or certification, Learning Management Systems ensure your company's defined goals are met and ROI is realized.

Does my corporate culture have a preference for particular types of vendors or systems?

Why does this matter? Knowing how your company approaches purchases of systems and software will help you narrow your search and save you a lot of time!

Does your company...

  • prefer large vendor partners or small vendor partners?
  • prefer to customize their systems so they work exactly the way they want or simple “out of the box” solutions, i.e. we’ll work within what the system has?
  • prefer or require a system that is hosted (SAAS) or one that is installed on your own network?
  • prefer a “best of breed” or an “all-in-one” type of software/system solution?
    • Best of breed - willing to pick the best system for each function and use integration to marry those systems
    • All in one - want one system that will do all functions even if some pieces aren’t the perfect solution
    • There are good reasons for either mindset – and knowing your company’s preference will help you in your selection. For instance, if you are the person tasked with LMS selection (and LMS justification) and your company has an “all in one” mindset, then you need to make sure these kinds of solutions are in the mix. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the “best of breed” types! They are often able to bring some significant benefit. However, in this scenario, the only best of breed types you should engage with are the ones that really can bring a significant benefit over the “all in one” types. A small benefit will typically not be enough to overcome that leaning.

Why do you need an LMS?

AIf you’re reading this – it’s probably time to start looking for an LMS.

  • If you are currently tracking training on spreadsheets
  • If you have content you want to sell to the public or to your customers, you need a platform to help you sell, deliver and track that content.
  • If you have any or all of the below, an LMS will help you save time and money:
    • Employees to train
    • Compliance training to track
    • Compliance Audits (ISO, JCAHO, etc..)
    • A need to report on training initiatives to management
  • Prosperity has the ability to track online courses, classroom training, on the job training, and external training such as off-site conferences, seminars, and webinars. This allows you a one-stop shop for all training completed for your students.

Who is Your Audience?

Are you training...

  • Employees?
  • Customers?
  • Members of an organization such as an association??
  • Are you offering training to the public?
  • Prosperity is a solution that supports all of these options in the same system – so you can train employees and sell to the public, and train your clients all with one system.

What type of training do you need to provide to your students?

  • Online Training
  • Instructor Led Training
  • On the Job Training
  • Impromptu/On Demand Training
  • External Training
  • Prosperity can host and track online content and classroom training, along with on the job training activities and external training.

What Kind of Workflow Do You Need?

  • How will students be added to the system? Will they create their own accounts? Will they be imported via integration with another system?
  • Do they need approval to use the system? Or to take particular training?
  • Do you need real time integration/communication with another system such as SalesForce, Association Management System, HR or other?
  • Prosperity can be customized to meet these needs and our staff is here to consult with you on how to best configure the system to accomplish your goals.

What Compliance or Security Needs Do You Have?

  • PCI compliance
  • CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Section 508 compliance

What Kind of Certification Requirements Do You Have?

  • Do you have state and/or industry dictated credits or hours for your training?
  • Do you have special requirements for how your training needs to be delivered and/or tracked?
  • Do you have different kinds of certificates to provide based on the student's licensing??

What is the skill level of your LMS administrators and how much access will they need?

Ziiva provides technical support for both your primiary administrator and all your students. It’s not required that you have a specific IT person dedicated as administrator of the LMS. As part of our start-up package, we provide 6 live training sessions to help your administrator(s) get comfortable with how to set up and maintain the system.

What LMS features are must-haves? What is the minimum set of features that will give your company an effective ROI?

  • Hosting (Software as a Service or SAAS)– why host your LMS through Ziiva? We provide the hosting, database backups, upgrades, and technical support to your administrators and students
  • Integration
  • Social Media – do you want to allow your students to log in via Google+ or Facebook? We can do that!
  • Existing systems – do you want to save time with entering new students or updating existing ones? We offer integration with Salesforce (or other CRM), financial software, HR programs, Active Directory, single sign-on. This list continues to grow so if you don’t see what you need here, ask us!
  • Collaboration – if you value the ability to work one on one with your vendor partner for technical support, consulting and project management, Ziiva is the company for you! Our team thrives on the ability to work closely with our customers to meet their needs.
  • Managed Learning Services – this model means chief learning officers can partially outsource the technical and administrative functions of training operations, resulting in lower costs while focusing more sharply on their organizations' core competencies. Let us help you create your curriculum, administer the system, and support your administrators and students!
  • Ability to Customize/Configure – our system is built to be highly customizable and configurable. We will also consult with you to learn what you’re trying to accomplish and give you options on how best to configure the system to meet your needs.
  • Support for multiple languages – Prosperity currently supports English, Spanish, French Canadian, and German.
  • Support for different currencies – Prosperity’s shopping cart can be configured for both U.S. and international currencies.
  • Know your priorities: Will you pay more for the ‘nice to have’ features that aren’t absolute must haves? Will you pass up functionality for price? The more you know this the easier it will be for you to find the right partner.

Does the Vendor Have a Pricing Model that Aligns with Your Business Model?

  • Will you have a more or less consistent user population and consistent usage?
  • Will only a fraction of your students going to use the system in a given year? Or will everyone?
  • Will only a fraction of your users be in the system in any given month?
  • Will you have an unknown and inconsistent user population? Will you be charging for your courses?

Prosperity has pricing models that support all the above scenarios so you can select the most cost effective pricing model for your business.

What Happens If You Cancel? – Know Your Exit Strategy

A Make sure you know exactly how things will work should you decide to leave and make sure you have it in writing.

  • Do you have access to your data so you can do your own data extract? Or will you need help from the LMS Provider to retrieve your data? If you do have access – what does that mean? Can you write database queries? Or export predefined reports?
  • Will you have access to retrieve your uploaded content on your own?
  • Can you arrange for a month to month payment strategy while you get your new system up and running?

If you've ever said, "There's got to be a better way," then you need to try Prosperity for yourself.


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