Running and sending reports, sending reminders about training...when will it ever end?

Get A Learning Management System (LMS) that does the reporting and reminding for you...automatically.

LMS Reporting

Life is too short to spend it sending reports and reminders about training. So put an end to all of that legwork with one easy step:

Simply let us know what need, and we'll make it happen without you having to lift a finger—it really is that simple!

Prosperity LMS can automatically create custom-designed reports with the exact data you need in an easy-to-read format.  schedule automatic emailing of those reports to the pertinent members of your team. 

People at each level of your corporation will have a customized, interactive dashboard with access to all the information relevant to them. Your folks will love the efficiency, ease, and convenience, and you'll look like a hero as your company's efficiency increases. Managers will be able to see both an overview of training compliance, and with the click of a button, the specific outliers—down to the individual employee profiles—that need to be addressed. 

What's more, we can save you the time and frustration of sending training reminders. Prosperity LMS generates automatic reminder emails for employees about training requirements as they progress through a series of courses. You can set a reminder to let people know of distant upcoming due dates, impending deadlines, or even past-due training...or all of the above. Prosperity LMS is as flexible as your specific needs demand!

Your data wrangling days can be a thing of the past...get a quick, efficient and automated with a little help from Prosperity. We'd be honored to have a no-pressure discussion about how we can deliver a learning management system to meet your needs.

P.S. For those who want to generate your own reports – Prosperity has a built-in query tool that will allow you to run reports from your SQL database at any time.


If you've ever said, "There's got to be a better way," then you need to try Prosperity for yourself.


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