It might seem overwhelming to launch a new e-learning system (AKA LMS) in only thirty days...

Here's how we teamed Up with a client to make it happen.


A respected e-learning company reached out to us, and they were in a bind. At first, it was normal call: They wanted to upgrade their current platform “to something a bit more straightforward and flexible.”  They offer training to clients through SCORM compliant learning modules and it was critical to provide their learners with a well-designed, easy-to-use system for completing the curriculum. But then then they gave us the big news - their old learning management system (LMS) was going dark in 30 days.

Implementing a system doesn’t have to drain your precious hours or overwhelm the ever-loving mess out of you. We've spent years developing and perfecting how we get people up and running, and the Prosperity LMS implementation team worked closely with our client to develop a migration strategy, set up and configure the new platform, and ensure a smooth transition.  

Our implementation team doesn't dump loads of requirements on our clients...that can paralyze a business owner or manager, which puts the business and the project in jeopardy. While our new client ran their own business, the Prosperity LMS team quickly launched a branded training site worked with our client to import student data, training history, and curriculum. A dedicated Prosperity LMS team member led individual training sessions with system administrators and coordinated beta testing to prepare for a roll out of the new platform.

Our client successfully launched with Prosperity LMS 30 days later, right on schedule with no disruption for current users.



If you've ever said, "There's got to be a better way," then you need to try Prosperity for yourself.


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