Prosperity Learning management System (LMS) takes the pain out of training.

Feature Overview

We know you just want your learning management systems (LMS) to work. Your LMS should be the least of your worries, so we fully-customize your LMS platform for you, and we're always available with our unmatched customer service. Prosperity is the perfect solution for delivering automated training, cutting down on wasted administrative hours, producing more accurate results, coasting through compliance requirements, tracking your progress with precision, and even accepting payments right inside of the Prosperity platform.



It seems like everybody is always talking about scalability. We're pretty sure you aren't interested in a LMS that can grow with you. You want one that will. We have a team that ensures you are accomplishing your training goals whether you have 50 users or 5,000+ users, we'll help you easily manage and analyze large amounts of data, handle many users accessing the system at once, manage and organize your users into different groups and categories, and you'll never break a sweat.

Certifications & Compliance

Training with your LMS needs to focus on your goals. Many training goals center around providing certifications and ensuring compliance. Prosperity will help you meet standards across a wide spectrum of industries and states, automatically assign requirements based on job roles and/or location, track certification and compliance requirements, use exception reports, and even send automated notifications to managers, administrators, and end users.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Think about all of the passwords you have to manage day-to-day. Save yourself and your end users the hassle with the convenience of Prosperity's highly-secure sign in process. Users simply enter their login information and then have access to all their courses and training...just like that...preventing hassle and waste. Gartner Technology Research reported that up to 50% of all Help Desk calls are just requests for password resets.

Flexible Administration

Some out of the box LMS platforms just aren't flexible. Prosperity sets the bar for flexibility. Our clients love the ability to have an as many administrators as they they would like, create tiers of adminstrative access to delegate authority, easily manage students with intuitive dashboards and notification systems, and load curriculum, pricing, and more. This efficency allows them to be proactive instead of reactive, eliminate wasted administrative hours, and focus on what's important.


With Prosperity, you can accept payments without messing with third-party add-ons. Prosperity comes ready to process payments through PayPal,, BluePay, Moneris (Canada's leading processor of debit and credit card payments), and more. New users can sign up, create accounts, and pay right away. They can purchase upsells right there on the spot. With Prosperity's e-commerce solution, your LMS drives revenue to your business, and you don't have to lift a finger.

Admin & End User Support

You will never be alone when you have Prosperity as your LMS. Get off to a great start with a dedicated implementation team. You will enjoy our friendly technical support located here in the United States, and you'll benefit from our team’s training and e-commerce experience. You will also love that we support your end users too, so they can come directly to us with any issues. Your satisifed users can easily complete their training without getting stuck, and we're happy to help.

Integrations & API

We want to fit into your life...not make you fit into ours. That's why Prosperity integrates so well so many third-party applications. You'll be able to merge with other systems including your HRIS and CRM (like Salesforce), deliver your own content or any third-party content, and sprinkle in social networking apps, web conferencing tools, and more. Use Prosperity's API and SSO for tighter integration with your existing applications. We're constantly developing new integrations.

Targeted Training & Logic

Prosperity actually can be all things to all people. Create multiple unique portals that are personalized for you and your clients. Set up role based training to unqiquely serve everyone within the structure of your business. We'll even help you configure business logic that dictates how data can be created, stored, and changed in the system. You can seamlessly manage all portals and client data from one central location. Deliver a stunningly customized experience to your users.

SCORM Import

SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model." Prosperity is fully SCORM conformant to allow you to integrate any third party content you'd like. Not every LMS supports SCORM input. SCORM was developed to reduce the cost and complication of integrating new content, and to ensure that content was guaranteed to work with multiple learning platforms. But with Prosperity being SCORM compliant, you'll never have to worry.

If you've ever said, "There's got to be a better way," then you need to try Prosperity for yourself.


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